About Us

In such a fast-paced, busy world, your time is precious. Whether you value those few moments at the end of the day where you take a little quiet me-time or you're anxious to get your work done so you can enjoy a movie with your family, every second you need to get the necessary things done counts. With chores in the way like cooking, cleaning and running errands after you've already spent all day at work, it can seem like the window of time you do have at the end of the day gets smaller and smaller, leaving you with just enough time to relax.


At Civivva, we believe in making every second count, which means making up for all of the time spent doing those necessary other things you have to do during the day. While there are blogs of life hacks all over the internet, these hacks still end up taking some time for you to complete, leaving you scrambling for materials and putting together the little setups meant to help you save time that you've already wasted preparing. That's where Civivva come in.


Civivva loves the innovation of the modern world when it comes to the creation of unique products to help you live your best life. We are passionate about finding all of these little inventions all across the web to bring them right to your fingertips. In this way, we are dedicated to making your online shopping experiences easy and seamless while also bringing to you one-of-a-kind products that you won't find anywhere else on the web.


When you use Civivva, you are but a click away from discovering the next interesting item on the internet. We have brought them all to one place for you to easily browse, letting you find everything you need from kitchen supplies and tools bent on making your cooking and cleaning simpler to technology that brightens up your daily life both at home and on the go. The smartphone that you use every day can be easily accessorized at Civivva to make it even more convenient and comfortable to use in ways that you've never considered until browsing our smartphone accessory section. One-of-a-kind decor awaits your attention, and with a few clicks, you can turn your home into a unique, welcoming space that expresses who you are. You can even find the perfect fun gifts for loved ones on Civivva, ensuring that even the person who has everything will get a gift from you unlike any they’ve ever seen before.


All of this is just a few clicks away. At Civivva, you can spend more of your precious time doing the fun things you love with your family and less time shopping, as we have already searched the world over for your favorite products. All you have to do is sit back, relax and click your way through our innovative website to find what you love in no time at all.